Business licensing requirements for 1516 N Lake Shore Drive

Below is a list of uses for 1516 N Lake Shore Drive. Check with the Business License Zoning Reference Guide to check if a special use permit applies.

  • Assisted Living Facility (Elderly Custodial Care) | Residential/ Group Living
  • Bed and Breakfast | Commercial/ Lodging
  • Cemeteries | Commercial/ Funeral and Interment Service
  • Churches | Public and Civic/Religious Assembly
  • Clinic Medical and Dental (Government-Operated) | Commercial/ Medical Service
  • Clubs, Private | Public and Civic/ Lodge or Private Club
  • Community Centers | Public and Civic/Community Centers, Recreation Buildings and similar Assembly Use
  • Day Care Center | Public and Civic/ Day Care
  • Monasteries | Residential/ Group Living
  • Parking, Non-Accessory | Commercial/ Parking, Non-Accessory
  • Religious Institutions | Public & Civic/Religious Assembly
  • Single Room Occupancy |Residential/ Single-Room Occupancy
  • Vacation Rental | Commercial/ Lodging
  • Single Family Home


The License Zoning Reference (LZR) Guide summarizes zoning classification and primary business licensing requirements for common business types, but it is not a comprehensive listing of requirements.

Anyone using this document should seek specific guidance from City of Chicago staff:

Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP)

– Small Business Center – (312) 74-GO-BIZ (744-6249)

Department of Housing and Economic Development (DHED)

– Zoning Ordinance Administration – (312) 744-5777.

View Business License Zoning Reference Guide